Securing Your Privacy Online with Firefox Private Mode

Firefox private mode erases browsing information including password, cookies as well as history. The content blocking feature of Firefox prevents hackers from collecting data across multiple sites.

“Private browsing does not make the web user anonymous” as the ISP (internet service provider) is still able to gather information about the users online activity.

The ultimate objective of Firefox private mode is protecting the privacy it showcases by blocking all trackers automatically.

Our favorite feature of Firefox privacy mode is that it deletes cookies when the browser window closes. 

Private mode is an absolute must have feature in 2019 and years to come, especially in the contemporary era of tracking, fingerprinting and mass surveillance. It has been reported that Mozilla plans to introduce change in the upcoming versions of Firefox that blocks extensions from running in private mode. 

Mozilla Firefox has already started integrating a Tor Feature to prevent digital fingerprinting. An Alliance with Tor will boost privacy and anonymity on the internet. Tor is a top rated Firefox Extended Support Release Browser and the private browsing features of Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have some obvious similarities. The tracking protection feature of Mozilla Firefox makes private browsing a little bit more private. 

Firefox has special advantage for private browsing when compared to other leading web browsers. The ability to keep the browser always in private mode is the unique selling proposition of Firefox private mode. Firefox is an excellent browser to use in private mode and its tracking protection features preventwebsite trackers from building the browsing profile. 

It is an undisputable fact that the Firefox private mode keeps a web user safe online.

Mozilla Firefox private mode is an incredibly useful tool for hiding identity online and it offers an extra layer of privacy. 

Private browsing offers a tool to check how website is ranking with keywords from a very fresh perspective. Most mainstream web browsers of the contemporary age offer private browsing facility with slight variations.

Also to note: Private browsing is a highly recommended when using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

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