Peaky Blinders
Posted By Aman Habib

Here’s Why You’ll Love Peaky Blinders

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Peaky Blinders greatly unfolds the story of a gang based in Birmingham, its leader Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy), and a whole load of drama revolving around them.

Although the TV series falls under the genre of Historical fiction and Crime, it’s pretty much themed like the real Midland gang that once terrorized the streets of Birmingham.

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The show takes us through the heart of a crime family in Birmingham. The camera sets eyes on the street gang Peaky Blinders, led by their vicious leader Thomas Shelby. Along with Thomas in the front line of the gang are other members of the Shelby family, including Arthur Shelby Jr. (Paul Anderson) and Johnny Shelby (Joe Cole).

Set in the aftermath of the First World War, the show takes us right into the exploits of different gang scenes in England, centered on the Peaky Blinders who run the streets of Birmingham. 

Thomas Shelby is portrayed as a violent gangster and a cunning businessman. The series also shows his ambition to dominate the book-making market and establish a name for themselves. Amidst all this is placed stories of personal revenge, gang wars, and the portrayal of Major Chester Campbell, a determined policeman who is on the hunt for the Shelby family!

Strong Character Development

The show has done a great job on character development. Although it is comparatively less in the number of episodes per season, they’ve done a great job building characters and giving them a legitimate purpose. It’s not like you have to watch a bunch of characters who are there for no actual reason.

Just like the show developed pretty strong characters, they’ve made sure to put an end to it in a way that bombards us with a heavy shot of surprise! Peaky Blinders has done a great job at making sure the show doesn’t go as we anticipate by taking turns that most shock its viewers. People constantly die in this series, including some of the strongest and most loved characters that are sure to leave us in a state of heartache.

Peaky Blinders Repeats History

Something else that makes it worth the watch is that it is based on real history. The show itself is named after the street gang of Midland called Peaky Blinders. Additionally, it has been set in the same time-span just like how the real-life gang were active. 

In addition to this, other gangs and gang members portrayed in the show, including Sabini, The Birmingham Boys, and Billy Kimber, were as real as in the show. They used to be rivals of the Peaky Blinders in real life. However, the show did add its own essence of drama to make it a more appealing crime show.

The classic outfit portrayed in the show includes an overcoat and a peaked flat cap. Digging into history, this is the same outfit that members of the Peaky Blinders used in real life. This ultimately adds an even greater dose of reality to the show. 

Peaky Blinders Boasts Some of the Finest Actors

peaky blinders, starring some of the greatest actors

For a TV show, Peaky Blinders possess some of the greatest actors compared to other shows. The likes of Cillian Murphy, Sam Neill, and Helen McRory are some of the most noted and known stars for their successful movie presence.

Taking their expertise into the series means that the show is a masterpiece for its sheer intensity of the acting performance. 

Great to Binge

Comparatively, Peaky Blinders has fewer episodes per season. And the show has done a great job in concluding different stories in just a few seasons. 

This makes it a great choice to binge on. You can fire up Netflix and finish two whole seasons of the show through the weekend. 

In essence, Peaky Blinders is a strongly packed Crime drama. With an amazing cast of some of the greatest actors, intense drama, strong character development, and an intense dose of reality, Peaky Blinders is a great show for anyone seeking a heavy dose of drama.

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