How to Protect Yourself from Keyloggers

Keyloggers are extremely dangerous as they are one of the easiest methods to hack someone’s data and information. It is a kind of code that is generally hidden and unreachable to your eyes. It operates and works in the background without the user having a slight idea of his information being hacked. This code records everything that a user does in his system. A user’s chats, e-mails, usernames, passwords, etc. everything entered on the system is being watched by the keyloggers.

Also, many of the keyloggers are developed with the screenshot feature. This allows them to take screenshots of a user’s activities on his system after specified intervals. They can capture even the hovering of your mouse.

So overall, they are the most perfect hacking tool to sneak into and record every movement that you make in your system- be it your computer, laptop, or smartphone.

People have the misconception that who would take an interest in their data and would like to hack into it. But you never know there might be a known or unknown person in your life who is willing to take the time to spy on you and learn the things going in your life. It’s kind of creepy but happens all the time.

Types of Keyloggers

Hardware: The hardware devices are generally placed on the cabinet where a system’s keyboard wire is also attached. A hardware keylogger can only be installed on a computer if the hacker gets access to your physical device. This is difficult and rather not possible at times. So this necessity makes the hardware keyloggers less popular and so they are not used greatly. Also, they can be detected very easily because they are an additional device between your keyboard and the rest of the system. So it can’t become very sneaky.

So to be safe from hardware keyloggers, you just need to check the USB port where the keyboard wire is connected. If nothing is there, then you are safe. But only from the hardware keylogger yet!! You never know there might be malware present in your system.

Software: The software keyloggers are available on the Internet very easily. A few of them are even free to be downloaded. This makes you vulnerable to falling into the trap of the software loggers. Any hacker who has even the basic technical skills and Internet knowledge and wants to spy on you can use the tool to hack into your computer or smartphone device.

If a software keylogger is installed on your computer, it will send the keystroke information and the screenshots of your activities to the hacker through the online process.Tips to Avoid a Keylogger

Tips to Avoid Keyloggers

  • Do not ever download applications or files from unknown, unlicensed, and untrusted sources. Use only official app stores such as Google Play Store and Apple store for this. If a particular app is not available that you need, look out for its alternatives.
  • Use the password manager. It saves your passwords and you do not need to enter them every time. So if later your system gets affected by a keylogger, it still won’t be able to see your password.
  • Use good quality security tools like antimalware software. It will detect the presence of a keylogger in your system. Other security apps such as VPN and antivirus should be there in your system too.
  • Avoid using public computers to open your e-mails, bank accounts, professional accounts, and social media accounts.

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