PGP- A great way to maintain anonymity and privacy in the cyber space

PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy. It is a crypto software or a kind of technology which is used for encrypting and decrypting the online communications and documents when they travel from one server to another. PGP is an essential technology as a lot of people share sensitive data and confidential information with others on the Internet regularly.

Due to the high rate of technical frauds, there are high chances of your data getting leaked and falling into unsafe hands. So to protect your digital communications and conversations when they travel through the Internet and are thereby in transit, the PGP tool can help a lot.

Development of PGP

PGP was developed in the year 1991 by Phil Zimmerman to provide e-mail security. It makes use of the public key cryptography technique that involves the use of two keys. So in PGP, data is encrypted by making use of a public key and then the data is decrypted but using a different private key.

Zimmerman behind developing this method intended to find a secure way of transferring information on the Internet. Soon PGP earned great popularity in the global world and Zimmerman fell in trouble and had issues with the US authorities. This popularity broke away the restrictions placed on PGP for its export to other countries.

The PGP technology is currently owned by the Symantec while the OpenPGP standard that was created using PGP is utilized by multiple companies across the globe.

The Working of PGP

If you want to send a postcard or letter to a friend that is personal and you don’t want anyone else to read it, what will you do? You will put the letter or postcard in the box and will send it
through e-mail, right?.

But if someone receives or hacks into the mail, he can open the box and can easily read the content of your postcard. So you might prefer to lock it up and give the key to the postcard receiver. But this will exaggerate the process and will make two copies of the given key. This creates the chances of someone holding your key and making a copy of it to sneak into your box.

So the best solution is to use one key for locking purposes and another for unlocking purposes. This is the exact way in which PGP works. Under the PGP method, there are two keys- a public key and private key.

The public key is used for encrypting the information. A person who wants to send a message holds the public key only while the private key is kept with the receiver only. So this allows them to receive the message without the involvement of anyone else.

What are the Uses of PGP?

If you are using PGP, you can do the following things:

  • You can verify the automated messages to check if they are coming from the right sender. It also allows you to check whether those messages were tampered with or not.
  • You can receive encrypted emails that are completely safe and are essential to receive confidential information. Many encrypted email providers make use of OpenPGP daily. To open the encrypted mails, a user needs an OpenPGP crypto software.

If you deal with sensitive information and share it online with others, make sure you start using the PGP software to stay safe while working digitally. If online security and anonymity are essential for you and your business, try the encrypted email provider services which include CounterMail and ProtonMail. Hope this article will help you with its information regarding the PGP software.

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