Fat Girl Full Movie 2001

6.4/10 | 74% | 6 | 1h26m| fr| More Info
Released: 07 March 2001
Produced By: ARTE France Cinéma
Country: France
Budget: $0
Revenue: $0
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Available in: United States

Anaïs is twelve and bears the weight of the world on her shoulders. She watches her older sister, Elena, whom she both loves and hates. Elena is fifteen and devilishly beautiful. Neither more futile, nor more stupid than her younger sister, she cannot understand that she is merely an object of desire. And, as such, she can only be taken. Or had. Indeed, this is the subject: a girl's loss of virginity. And, that summer, it opens a door to tragedy.

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Catherine Breillat

Produced By

Jean-François Lepetit

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