Ghost Rockers voor Altijd Full Movie 2016

8.2/10 | 10 | 1h32m| en| More Info
Released: 21 December 2016
Produced By: Studio 100
Country: Belgium
Budget: $0
Revenue: $0
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Full Access: YES
Available in: United States

When Jonas's grandmother dies, he inherits two foreign objects. The Ghost Rockers soon discover that they belong to a puzzle of five pieces, the 'Five Elements' and even more important: that like objects which, according to legend, to make sure they have contact with the Freebirds. But ... there are pirates on the coast of the objects but some would like to have in their possession in order to talk with the spirits of the deceased. It is all hands on deck for the Ghost Rockers, because if they lose the elements, they lose contact with the Freebirds ... and that could well mean the end of the Ghost Rockers ...

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Gert-Jan Booy

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