Gothika Full Movie 2003

Because someone is dead doesn't mean they're gone.
5.8/10 | 14% | 6 | 1h38m| en| More Info
Released: 21 November 2003
Produced By: Dark Castle Entertainment
Country: United States of America
Budget: $40000000
Revenue: $141591324
Official Website: 1
Full Access: YES
Available in: United States

After a car crash, a criminal psychologist regains consciousness only to find that she's a patient in the same mental institution that currently employs her. It seems she's been accused of murdering her husband—but she has no memory of committing the crime. As she tries to regain her memory and convince her co-workers of her innocence, a vengeful spirit uses her as an earthly pawn, which further convinces everyone of her guilt.

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Mathieu Kassovitz

Produced By

Robert Zemeckis

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