War of the Arrows Full Movie 2011

A hero is born, the legend begins
7.1/10 | 100% | 7 | 2h2m| ko| More Info
Released: 10 August 2011
Produced By: Lotte Entertainment
Country: South Korea
Budget: $8000000
Revenue: $49000000
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Full Access: YES
Available in: United States

13 years after the King Injo Revolt, the Chosun Dynasty is attacked by the Chung Dynasty of China. A young man named Na-mi leaves his demolished village to find his young sister, Ja-in, and her finance Su-koon, who were to wed on the very day of the attack. While on his mission to rescue her, he is being traced by Jushinta, a fierce Chung Warrior, and his band of malicious men who are out to stop him. Na-mi has but a day to rescue his sister before she is taken away to be a slave. When Na-mi finally finds his sister, Jushinta comes between them and a fierce battle between two of the finest warriors unfolds.

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Kim Han-min

Produced By

Jang Won-seok

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