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Jewel in the Palace 2003

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Episode 3 Episode 03 September 22, 2003

Episode 5 Episode 05 September 29, 2003

Episode 6 Episode 06 September 30, 2003

Episode 54 Episode 54 March 23, 2004

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Released: 15 September 2003 Ended
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Country: Korea
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Starring Lee Young Ae, it tells the tale of an orphaned kitchen cook who went on to become the king's first female physician. In a time when women held little influence in society, young apprentice cook Jang Geum strives to learn the secrets of Korean cooking and medicine in order to cure the King of his various ailments. It is based on the true story of Jang-geum, the first female royal physician of the Joseon Dynasty. The main themes are her perseverance and the portrayal of traditional Korean culture, including Korean royal court cuisine and traditional medicine.

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How Many Jewel in the Palace Episodes Are There?

Jewel in the Palace currently has 54 episodes.

Who Are the Cast Members of Jewel in the Palace?

The Cast members are Lee Young-ae , Ji Jin-hee , Im Ho , Lee Se-eun , Geum Bo-ra , Jung Eun Jo .

What Are the Main Characters Names in Jewel in the Palace?

The main characters names are Seo Jang-geum , Min Jeong-ho , King Jungjong , Park Yeol-yi , Na Joo-daek , Young Jang-geum Seo .