Netflix Blocked?

How to Watch CSI: Miami Online

Notice: Your location may be restricted from viewing this program. Netflix is notorious for shadow banning accounts outside the US and has probably blocked you from watching CSI: Miami. It's highly recommended that you install Private Internet Access to conceal your IP address.

Private Internet Access©

The Problem

Your ISP (I.e Internet Service Provider) tracks all your online activity, while Google and Microsoft record your searches, including who you talk too, what you buy and even what you watch online. All this sensitive information makes you extremely vulnerable to hackers & malware.

The Solution

Bypass the block, secure your private info, avoid web trackers and watch whatever the hell you want no matter where you are. PIA (i.e Private Internet Access) will unblock Netflix so you can watch CSI: Miami and hundreds of popular tv shows & movies you probably didn't know you had access too.

Just follow the steps below to watch CSI: Miami now.

Step 1: Download the VPN to Watch CSI: Miami

Step 2: Click yes to Install the software/app

Step 3: Click the 'take tour button', then click 'get account'

Step 4: Register, login, connect to Netflix and watch CSI: Miami

How to connect to Private Internet Access.

1. Download the VPN to complete setup.
2. Run/Install the app on your preferred device.
3. Turn on the VPN.
4. Connect to an American IP address or a country of your preference.
5. Login, connect to Netflix or any streaming service to unblock hidden movies. Enjoy the internet unfiltered, uncensored and unblocked.

Tip: PIA can connect you to 5900 servers in 182 countries. The software cloaks your connection with total anonymity and privacy. Learn more